Our RN bargaining team reached a tentative agreement on brand new technology language. The agreed upon language allows for RN input on implementation of new technology and will positively impact our ability to provide quality care. With the advance of technology, our team of frontline professionals stressed the importance of improving care by getting input from those who do the work. The team is pleased with this agreement on language that ensures that new technology enhances care and protects patients.

In this session, we also reached a tentative agreement on existing language in Article 22: Health and Safety.

We continue to put forth proposals to improve conditions in the workplace. On the limited responses we’ve received, management wants to maintain the status quo. We pressed our interests on Article 6: Non-Discrimination during discussions on lactation accommodations, with goals of having a clean environment, dignity, and privacy for nursing mothers in every facility. The employer continues to push back on these basic rights.

NEXT SESSION: Tuesday, August 13 at Four Points by Sheraton. Make sure you stay in touch with your SPNN officers, staff reps, and CAT members for the latest on how you can get involved.

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