Message from the President

NUHHCE celebrates 50 years of serving the public in healthcare as we create and shape public policies that will affect generations to come. NUHHCE is the largest 40,000 + National Healthcare Union Employee’s (NUHHCE) and our Mission as healthcare providers is to build a better community one patient at a time. NUHHCE for decades have pushed for higher standards and quality care and better working conditions for all healthcare professionals. We know from experience that creating standards in healthcare will improve our communities not only in quality care, but financial stability as well. NUHHCE is the leading Labor National Healthcare Organization, that empowers our healthcare professionals to organize for a voice in patient care and a powerful voice at the workplace, which has changed the Healthcare Industry in innovative ways to serve the community. NUHHCE still stands 50 years later as the largest, fastest growing healthcare organization Nationwide. – Craig A. Ford, President

NUHHCE‘s Mission to Our Members:

  • Protect all workers.
  • Promote and safeguard the economic interests of our members and their families.
  • Achieve higher wages, shorter hours, health and pension benefits, and improved benefits for our members.

In response to an urgent need for organization among health care, nursing home, and other related workers, the National Union of Hospital and Health Care Employees will devote all its energies and resources to organizing all employees in this field and others as requested. NUHHCE strives to organize and, in so doing, bring about significant improvement in wages and other terms and conditions of employment.

NUHHCE is dedicated to bringing the benefits of organization and unity of purpose to all workers: professional, technical, clerical, and service and maintenance employees, and all employees in healthcare institutions such as medical centers, hospitals, nursing homes, pharmacies, and other related services.

Our Aims and Purposes are to:


To organize & unite the workers within its jurisdiction regardless of sex, race, color, age, religion, national origin, political belief, sexual orientation, or affiliation.


To achieve improved working conditions, shorter and better scheduled hours, health, pension and other benefits, and higher wages.


To protect & advance its members’ technical & professional status, aiding & encourage members to acquire & enhance their skills in the health care field.


To educate workers on trade Union principles & extend democratic procedures in our country.


To defend civil liberties and rights and to abolish all forms of prejudice and discrimination and to support and advocate legislation to promote these ends.


There shall be full respect for all differences of opinion, and all members shall have the freedom of expression.


Worried about your employer’s arbitrary decisions? No dignity at work? No voice?

Who is NUHHCE?

The National Union of Hospital and Health Care Employees is a labor union representing healthcare workers across the United States.

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